Walter Joshua Stevens and Elizabeth Kenney

Walter Joshua Stevens was born on the 21st of December, 1851. This was at Pleasant Grove, Utah. He was the son of Walter and Abigail Holman Stevens. 

He grew up and when the call came for him to go on the San Juan Mission, he considered it. At this time his sweetheart, Elizabeth Kenny, was in the town of Holden. Even though the two had planned for her to take a year of sewing in a school before they were married, he did not go and leave her. So they were married September 25, l879, at the Salt Lake endowment house. Their honeymoon trip through the Hole-in-the-Rock lasted much longer than the six weeks they had planned, but the Church call to settle was being fulfilled. 

They lived in Bluff for awhile, then went to Fruitland, New Mexico, in order to obtain more land for their cattle. At Fruitland they were jumped by outlaws, who tried to claim their land, so they moved back to Bluff. 

Soon after returning to Bluff, Walter was called to a mission to Mexico. In Mexico, their first home was in Dublan. The family moved on to Juarez, where he ran a cattle range, for tithing. 

From Juarez they moved to Pacheco. Walter was a school teacher for some time in these small settlements. When the Revolution came, Walter was killed by Mexicans and therefore death came on the 26th of August, 1912. 

Elizabeth Kenny was born January 21, 1863. She was the daughter of John Kenny and Phebe Alden.

Her birth place was Deseret, Utah. She married Walter Joshua Stevens September 25, 1879. She died on November 7, 1948, at Blanding, Utah. She was 85.



1. Phebe

2. Walter Joshua, Jr.

3. Rebecca

4. John Alma

5. Ella

6. William Alden

7. Ammon Cannon

8. Emma

9. Abigail Elizabeth

10. Elmina

11. Vivian

12. Daniel Edward

13. Brigham Ezekeil

14. Joseph Marion

This information was scanned on 3-9-09 by Deniane Kartchner from a typewritten copy obtained from books belonging to Fern Laws Palmer.  I do not have the originals, nor do I know who this history was written by.

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