James William Palmer and Olive Myrtle Black

James William Palmer was born September 23, 1860 in Provo Valley, Utah. He was the son of Zemira and Sally Knight Palmer. He was raised as a farmer and sheepherder. He married at the age of 19. Later, he joined the first settlers in Orderville, Utah. This first marriage was solemnized in the St. George Temple. They lived in United Orderville. Later they moved to Circle Valley, then to Snowflake, Arizona.

Shortly after, they left Snowflake and went to Old Mexico. In Mexico, a large family was raised. At the time of the Mexican Revolution in 1912, he was driven out and lost everything he had.

Grayson, San Juan County, Utah was just open to filing at that time, so he came all the way by team and wagon to what is now Blanding. He filed some land, pitched a tent and with his family he lived until he could clear a place to build.

He was very active in his church, along with farming and road building. He helped with the White Mesa Dugway, and did most of the rock work for the West Water Bridge. He owned one of the best dry farms in the Blanding area. This being at Bulldog. He was very proud of his home and his family, and was a very good husband and father.

He died February 20, 1931 at the age of 71. At that time, he had 348 grandchildren and 63 great-grandchildren.

Olive Myrtle Black was born July 20, 1865. She was the daughter of William Morley and Anna Marie Hansen Black. When she grew to womanhood, she married James William Palmer on December 7, 1881 at the St. George Temple.

Olive Myrtle was a midwife in Old Mexico until the Revolution. Then she came with her family to Blanding, where she carried on a marvelous record -- a marvelous woman. She died in Blanding on October 19, 1949 at the age of 84.


1. William Zemira

2. James Ace                                      

3. Ellis                                                            

4. Olive Rachel                                   

5. Chloe Amelia                                  

6. John David

7. Ida

8. Loren

9. Joseph Martin

10. Viola

11. Guy Carlos

12. Oren Kenneth

This history was scanned by Deniane Kartchner on 3-9-09 from a typewritten copy (from the genealogy books of Fern Laws Palmer). I do not know the author and I do not have the original.  

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Ann Palmer said...

I am new to blogging so do not know how it works. I am a descendant of Zemira Palmer and Sally Knight through their son George Asael Palmer and his wife Lucity Stolworthy. I am interested in printed books and other printed materials that tell about them I am also intersted in Zemira's mother, Phoebe Draper Palmer Brown and her husbands and parents. Thanks for you help!